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Celebrating and supporting Ottawa small businesses one box at a time.

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The bytownBox

Carefully curated local finds delivered to your door. We are launching with one amazing box! It contains products from 10 local businesses — a few you may recognize and a several we are thrilled to introduce you to.
  • 10 incredible products
  • Bonus coupons
  • Over $75 value for $49.95

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Support local

Ottawa is a small big city and our community comes first.

High-quality products

Every product we put in our boxes is made with passion and care.

Delivered to your doorstep

Indulge in the best Ottawa has to offer, without leaving your home.

bytownBox Contents


To support amazing Ottawa-based businesses,
and share what these gems have to offer.

Ottawa. Unboxed.

It’s amazing how many incredible products and services there are based right here in Ottawa! You don’t have to go far to find world class chocolate, innovative spirits, historical jewelry or gourmet delights.


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